Managing Stress in the 21st Century

Managing Stress in the 21st Century



Stress is a problem

It is time to pause, reflect and take action before STRESS becomes the plague of this century.

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It is a highly enjoyable read that just flows beautifully from start to finish. You will definitely have learnt quite a few things the moment you finish this book. 

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Mahesh Sowani

This book will help you reduce stress in all walks of your life be it finances, relationships or work. Highly recommended. You wont repent reading this one. 

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Aryan Sarath

There are lot of self help and personality development books available out there but I can certainly vouch that this book stands apart. 

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Enakshi J

Overall, this book is a breezy read. Though uneventful, it has certain facts that are enjoyable and informative as well. 

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