Managing Stress in the 21st Century

About the Book that helps managing stress easy


How do I know? 

Simple. Because you are ALIVE. Also, you have picked up this book.

Wars, Famine and Plague were the prime causes of human misery in the centuries gone by. Over the last couple of decades, we have been able to ward off diseases, income levels and life expectancy have increased, and the world has seen its most peaceful time ever, but instead of being happy and joyful we are a STRESSED lot. Why did that happen? The change over the last few years had been rapid and none of us were ready for it. We embraced everything that the changing world threw at us without realizing the deep impact it caused. It is time to pause, reflect and take action before STRESS becomes the plague of this century.

Why is STRESS becoming the cause of misery and ailments in this era?

What is STRESS exactly and what are its major causes?

How does social networking in the virtual world create STRESS?

How can one manage STRESS to mitigate its effect?

All these questions and many more get answered in this book that helps you identify your causes of DISTRESS and help you DE-STRESS. Managing Stress was never so easy.


What is it all about


What is Stress?

You have it if you are alive


Can you do something about it?

Of course you can. Managing Stress is easy.


Know your Stress Profile

Find out what's giving you stress